The DEVELOP project aims to enhance employee awareness and understanding of career development. It aims to provide insight into how a career can be developed through reflecting on current competencies and the role of a work social network. By focusing on transversal competencies such as leadership and collaboration, it will highlight transferrable skills that apply across jobs and facilitate internal mobility. By focusing on social capital, it highlights the need for trust, mutual understanding and cooperation to access development opportunities.

DEVELOP aims beyond a learner’s awareness of their current state and will reveal potential career paths and the learning interventions needed to achieve them. These learning interventions can be formal or informal and may develop competencies and social capital using traditional eLearning content, mentoring, coaching, changes of team or division, and changes of project. DEVELOP is a meta-cognitive learning tool that will build awareness of transversal competencies, social capital, and career paths. It will further provide learning planning to guide the learner along their chosen career paths using existing learning resources.

DEVELOP aims to pioneer the use of personalization tools, game-based assessment, social network analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) planning for learning environments on career development. This is motivated by the desire to provide a fundamental change in the way competency growth and career development is experienced, analysed, and supported in large organisations.