DEVELOPing INTRASOFT International

Friday, 16. December 2016
by E. Simoni & D. Anastasopoulos, INTRASOFT International, Luxembourg


In a world of rapid global change, companies have to adopt regularly in order to survive and not to vanish due to their incapability to become resilient. The war for market share has always been vast, but in recent years, companies also have to fight over people. Talent attraction and retention has become the most crucial bet that companies have to win every single day. People management, human resource development as well as executive development are gaining more ground day by day as companies have finally understood that their main competitive advantage lies in their people.

DEVELOP is going to be an extremely valuable ally for companies that want to invest on their people, since it is a tool that will provide employee learning through reflection on transversal competencies and social capital, as key enablers of career development.

INTRASOFT International as a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise that serves the needs of over 500 EU institutions, national governments, telecommunications, banks and private sector enterprises faces every-day the need for adjustment. The IT industry is probably the most competitive and demanding one nowadays, thus INTRASOFT International has to struggle to become an employer of choice that develops its people and provides them with various career opportunities, in order to avoid talent drain. Therefore, continuous development of skills and competencies that align with the company’s strategy and adjust to technological developments and global competition is always a priority.

INTRASOFT International seeks to exploit the scope and the numerous benefits of DEVELOP and participates in the project as an end user with the vision to align it with all the existing and future HRM systems of the company.  

INTRASOFT International, as a multinational company employing more than 1600 people around the world and coming from different cultures, is continuously evolving by planning and implementing actions to improve the management of the people.

More specifically, the company's HR has introduced various practices and tools in order to ensure the people’s career development.

INTRASOFT, has currently proceeded in a job evaluation for all the positions across the company and as a result, it has a new Grading System that is organised in Job Families and Sub-Families. The result of this initiative is the brand new Career Path Framework that aims to build transparency, consistency and equity among all employees and to enable INTRASOFT International not only to create a common language throughout the organization but also to organize jobs in a rational way, in the multinational, diverse environment that we all operate in.

By having greater access to the available career paths and positions, employees are able to design their career development track within the company. As DEVELOP provides the user with the opportunity to set personalised career goals, it could be harmonically combined with the proposed career path of INTRASOFT International. This way the employee can both design the destination and the way of achieving his/her goal.

Intrasoft International Career Path
Figure 1: Intrasoft International Career Path


In addition, a new performance management system has been launched in a cloud application form. The performance evaluation is based on competencies and personal goals that are aligned with company’s values and strategy. In fact, the competencies sum up to 100% of assessment weight for the first year and 70% for the following ones. The performance appraisal tool that is going to be integrated into a 360 procedure in the future, will provide a great input in DEVELOP about the competencies' assessment.

Furthermore, through the performance Management System, employees and their evaluators will be able to propose future training activities and developmental actions. Therefore, it will provide a major training tool in order to identify training needs and create the company’s training plan. This plan could then be aligned with the Learning Interventions proposed by DEVELOP and contribute to the personal development of each employee.

Finally, INTRASOFT International provides training opportunities that help employees to enrich and extend their knowledge and professional skills, meet specific professional goals, enhance their career development and prepare for future challenges. The company utilises, according to the needs, different types and methods of training activities: instructor leads trainings (with external or internal trainers), webinars, e-learning programs, workshops, long duration programs, certification programs and conferences.

In order to provide to all the employees access to these various forms of training INTRASOFT International is currently customising an e-learning platform that will allow them to apply and take part to all training activities that concern their technical expertise and professional development. This system will contain all training options, training material, portals for remote access, training management options and provider assessment. All this information and material can be imported into DEVELOP and become the core of Learning Intervention proposal, implementation and assessment.

INTRASOFT International is considered as a boundary-less organisation that is based on the free flow of information and ideas to drive innovation, efficiency and growth in a world that’s changing constantly. Therefore, the company stimulates people to break vertical, horizontal and external barriers so as to find what their ideal job inside the organisation is and remain satisfied and highly motivated. DEVELOP will offer a platform integrating all systems in order to allow the employees to design their career paths, to assess themselves on the competencies required for the desired position and to address their training and development until they reach their career goal. DEVELOP will contribute in enhancing the people development culture that the leadership team of the company is trying to establish across all company sites and premises. DEVELOP will guide them through this path and give them all the necessary tools to reach their destination.


Intrasoft International People Development Campaign
Figure 2: Intrasoft International People Development Campaign logo


INTRASOFT International's culture and organisational needs provide a unique insight to DEVELOP. The company's input will contribute in designing valid and demanding user requirements compatible to many multicultural developing organisations and institutions across Europe. INTRASOFT's professionals will contribute in creating an attractive and effective tool in order to challenge their employees to code their development. In INTRASOFT International we believe that people should break their limits by aiming high, and DEVELOP will guide them through this path and give them all the necessary tools to reach their destination.