DEVELOP Foundation established

Monday, 17. August 2020

By Uta Schwertel, imc, Germany

After the successful completion of our European research project "Developing Careers through Social Networks and Transversal Competencies" (DEVELOP-688127) we are now progressing to bring our results to the market. 

In May 2020, we established the foundation “DEVELOP your career”. The foundation is chaired by the former project co-ordinator Greg Carey from the Learnovate Centre, Trinity College Dublin. The foundation aims to exploit, maintain and further develop products and services from the H2020 DEVELOP Project. In addition, the foundation aims to conduct further research, both practical and scientific, into career and competence development, learning interventions and methods and work related social and human capital.

DEVELOP work is also continued by the company SkillFull B.V. founded by the former DEVELOP member Joost Modderman. In co-operation with the DEVELOP foundation, SkillFull is a distributor of DEVELOP’s Personal Learning Environment™ and delivers  among others individual HR instruments like the leadership simulation game  or other soft-skill assessment tools created in the DEVELOP project. imc AG is also co-operating with the DEVELOP foundation and is continuing work on DEVELOP, in particular on the Social Learning Tool. Learning activities created in the Social Learning Tool can be integrated into a course delivered through the learning management system imc Learning Suite – as can e.g. be the leadership simulation game. 

The overall goal of the activities is to offer innovative, fun and interactive digital tools which help employees identify, develop and assess soft-skills and explore career opportunities.

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