DEVELOP Internal Workshop

Tuesday, 16. April 2019

By Greg Carey, Trinity College Dublin - Learnovate, Ireland


As part of the Exploitation phase of the DEVELOP project, a number of our partners from TCD, GITP, IBMIMC and TQ held a ‘Jobs to be Done’ Workshop in Dublin’s Learnovate office on March 26th, 2019. The meeting was facilitated by Learnovate’s Peter Gillis. The purpose of this 1-day workshop was to validate the solutions to the problems we believe our customer have and gain further insights to guide the exploitation plans for the DEVELOP project.

Working together as a group, using post-its and whiteboards, we were able to create a comprehensive list of the Customer Segments, Buyer Persona, Jobs to be done (Functional, Emotional and Social), as well as the Barriers (Pains) and Outcomes (Gains). These were then categorised in order of importance.

The next steps in this Exploitation phase will be to:

  • Analyse workshop inputs for themes and assumptions
  • Synthesise and develop problem interview script
  • Carry out 5 x problem interviews with our identified personas
  • Analyse interviews against assumptions
  • Create report with findings and feedback presentation


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