Explore your career with DEVELOP

Careers are unique and personal. They evolve over a persons’ lifetime and contribute to their personal, social and economic wellbeing. They are also a continuous life-long learning experience.  However, employees who are actively developing their careers, usually do not receive sufficient career guidance. Moreover, these employees face changing labour markets with reduced job security, longer careers, and growing demand for adaptable workers with increased mobility.

To cope with these demands, there is a need for robust learning solutions to inform employees as to the current state of their career and realistic career paths they can achieve. Learners need to understand their abilities and the social network in which they work. They need meta-cognitive and reflective learning tools on career development to inform and build awareness of where they are and where they can go within their career paths.

The aim of the DEVELOP project is to deliver an adaptive learning environment that dynamically tailors the exploration, comprehension, and planning of learning opportunities and career paths in medium and large companies. It will aid employee learning through reflection on transversal competencies and social capital, as key enablers of career development, and assist personnel development professionals in discovering optimum ways to unite company’s strategy and business goals with the employee’s potentials, career perspectives, and desires.

Join us for a brief walk-through of the DEVELOP environment: